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Cushions & Bumpers

Precision Converting offers a wide range of industrial shock absorption solutions as part of its complete line of performance-enhancing products. Cushions and bumpers provide a vital, extra level of protection for the working parts of a mechanical system, and can also reduce noise while enhancing safety and reliability.

As with the company’s other product families, Precision Converting can customize an industrial shock absorption system to your unique needs and specifications with speed and precision. Your investment in cushions and bumpers can pay big dividends down the road, since industrial shock absorption systems facilitate:

  • Extended equipment life. A shock absorption system helps protect your machinery’s working parts, reducing down time and extending the life of your equipment, which can save your company a great deal of money in the long run.
  • Increased operational speeds. Cushions and bumpers allow you to run production machinery at higher speeds, boosting overall output.
  • Boosted production quality. With a shock absorption system in place, you can more easily control tolerances and fits while reducing or eliminating vibration and harmful impacts.
  • Enhanced safety. Cushions and bumpers facilitate more reliable and controlled machine deceleration, and Precision is happy to tailor your shock absorption system to meet the unique needs of any intended application.
  • A superior competitive advantage. Because your systems will last longer, run faster, and create higher-quality products, you will be in a position to outperform competitors and increase your company’s market share.

To obtain a price quote or discuss your particular shock absorption needs in detail, please contact a Precision Converting customer service representative via email or phone at 888.882.1829.

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