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Precision Converting is a 3M Preferred Converter with state-of-the-art fabrication facilities in Houston, TX and Corona, CA. Specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial materials, Precision offers a range of reclosable fasteners that help you reduce project costs while optimizing system and product performance.

Reclosable Industrial Fasteners & Hook and Loop Systems

For applications that demand high-performing reclosable fasteners, Precision carries two major product families: Velcro hook-and-loop systems, and 3M Dual Lock systems. Precision’s Velcro hook-and-loop systems are among the most cost-effective reclosable fastener systems on the market. Consisting of a network of tiny hooks that grasp onto the loop side of the tape, Velcro hook-and-loop systems provide tight closure and are ideal for a broad range of applications. These systems are available in both standard and low-profile configurations, and can be customized to your choice of color. Precision also creates Velcro hook-and-loop systems that meet military specifications and UL ratings, or offer unique fire retardant characteristics.

Precision’s 3M Dual Lock systems offer a sturdy alternative to rivets, bolts, and screws. These systems are built with hundreds of small mushroom-shaped head that easily attach and disengage, allowing you to customize the strength of the bond you create. Like Precision’s Velcro hook and loop systems, the company’s 3M Dual Lock systems are offered in standard sizes as well as low-profile configurations when the end application requires special height considerations.

To obtain a fast, free, no-obligation price quote, or if you have any questions about Precision’s family of reclosable industrial fasteners, please contact a Precision Converting customer service representative via phone at 888.882.1829 or email.

Dual Lock Fasteners
In addition to Velcro hook and loop systems, Precision Converting offers 3M Dual Lock fasteners to meet the needs of end clients requiring high-performance, reusable products. Precision Converting’s 3M Dual Lock systems are available in both standard and low-profile configurations, with a comprehensive range of custom height and sizing options available. 3M Dual Lock systems consist of a network of small, precision-manufactured heads with male and female ends, which are manually joined together. The key advantage of 3M Dual Lock hook and loop fasteners is that they allow end users to create loose, medium-strength or very tight bonds, as demanded by the application. Dual Lock hook and loop fasteners also offer a cost-effective alternative to standard screws, bolts and rivets, reducing labor and boosting operational efficiency.
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