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Dual Lock Fasteners

In addition to Velcro hook and loop systems, Precision Converting offers 3M Dual Lock fasteners to meet the needs of end clients requiring high-performance, reusable products. Precision Converting’s 3M Dual Lock systems are available in both standard and low-profile configurations, with a comprehensive range of custom height and sizing options available.

3M Dual Lock systems consist of a network of small, precision-manufactured heads with male and female ends, which are manually joined together. The key advantage of 3M Dual Lock hook and loop fasteners is that they allow end users to create loose, medium-strength or very tight bonds, as demanded by the application. Dual Lock hook and loop fasteners also offer a cost-effective alternative to standard screws, bolts and rivets, reducing labor and boosting operational efficiency.

Key performance features of 3M Dual Lock fasteners include:

  • Easy separation, even with the strongest attachment bonds
  • Permanent fastening capabilities, yet with the flexibility of repurposing & reuse
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Outstanding durability & weather resistance

The 3M Dual Lock system is designed for clients seeking a versatile fastening solution with outstanding strength. These systems offer five times the bonding power of conventional Velcro hook and loop systems without requiring tools.

As a 3M Preferred Converter, Precision Converting is pleased to offer this premium product to clients around the U.S. and beyond. Precision Converting is a division of Hisco Industrial Supply, with a parent-company network of more than 30 materials depots. This ensures that Precision Converting is always able to meet even the tightest and most demanding product delivery schedules.

To learn more about the 3M Dual Lock system, to submit a custom order, or for general inquires, please contact a Precision Converting customer service representative. Dial 866.841.8384, or submit your request via email.

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