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Kapton® Polyimide Film
Kapton Polyimude Film

Ideal for applications involving harsh environments and extreme temperatures, polyimide film is popular for its high tensile strength and electrical insulative qualities. One of the select few in North America authorized by DuPont to distribute and fabricate Kapton®, Precision Converting manufactures tapes or assemblies that meet the needs of the aerospace, military, solar, automotive, consumer electronics and industrial sectors. 

Precision Converting is very flexible in working with Kapton® master logs, converting to whatever width and lengths make sense for your needs and to improve cost efficiency. We can also laminate Kapton® to various substrates, such as aluminum.
Authorized Kapton® distributor, readily available inventory for quick turnaround.

Features & Applications of Kapton® Polyimide Film

Manufactured by industry leader, Dupont™, Kapton® polyimide film is available in varying thicknesses and grades to perform in the most demanding settings. Material characteristics include heat and vibration resistance, dielectric strength, chemical resistance, and conformability.
Common applications include:
• Electronic parts 
• Wire & cable insulation
• Mechanical parts
• Pressure-sensitive tapes
• Insulation tubing & blankets
• Fiber optic cable
• Shims
• Automotive sensors & manifolds
• Flexible circuits
• Industrial barcode labels
• Solar modules
• Airbag sensors
• Electrical insulation
• Etching
• Heater circuits
• Power supplies
• Ceramic board replacement

Specializing in flexible material converting and fabrication services for many industries, Precision Converting, a division of Hisco, delivers customer-focused service with turnarounds that meet your tightest deadlines. Our manufacturing specialists and application engineers source high-quality materials from leading manufacturers to meet your design requirements, and can help you select the best materials for your application-specific needs.        

To learn more about our polyimide and fabrication solutions, or to inquire about material solutions for your application-specific needs, call 866.841.8384 today or submit an online request

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