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Precision Converting, a division of Hisco, is a 3M Preferred Converter specializing in the custom design and precision manufacture of a wide range of industrial products. As part of Precision’s complete selection of adhesives, the company offers a diversified line of bonding products and single-sided tapes that are specially engineered to provide optimal performance even in the most demanding field conditions.

Precision’s line of industrial tapes includes:

  • Adhesive transfer tapes. If your application demands a dependable adhesive transfer tape capable of releasing liners in a free-film state, Precision Converting offers solutions that provide excellent flexibility, conformity, and high elongation characteristics.
  • Double-coated tapes. Including pressure-sensitive adhesives as well as double-coated foam tapes, this line of specialty and custom-cut tapes offers outstanding stability, processing and production support, and outstanding impact resistance and strength cushioning.
  • Acrylic foam tapes. These adhesives offer optimal bond strength and can be used in place of mechanical fasteners in applications requiring permanent assembly.
  • Single-sided tapes. An exhaustive range of film-backed pressure-sensitive adhesives is available in both standard and custom configurations and specifications.

Precision Converting supports customer needs with an extensive network of regional application engineers, with manufacturing facilities in Houston, TX and Corona, CA. Precision offers an industry-leading selection of materials, as well as extensive design expertise, economical production methods, and the ability to rapidly generate prototypes for customer approval.

To request a fast, free, no-obligation price quote, or if you would like to submit an order for industrial tape or have any other questions, please contact a Precision Converting customer service representative.

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