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Thermal Management Products

An industry leader in the field of converting and fabrication services, Precision Converting is a 3M Preferred Converter with production facilities located in Houston, TX and Corona, CA. Drawing on the strength of state-of-the-art facilities and applying demanding and reliable quality control protocols, Precision Converting is a reliable provider of cost-competitive thermal management, insulation, and shielding materials.

Thermal management materials:

  • EMI shielding materials and absorbers. Electromagnetic interference shielding materials and absorbers provide grounding, shielding, static electricity drain, electrostatic discharge protection, cross talk reduction, and improved system reliability and performance.
  • Electrical insulation. Flexible, reliable, and durable tapes and films that prevent the passage of electrical charges while providing thermal control and management. These are available in a wide range of standard configurations, and can also be made to meet your unique specifications.
  • Thermal insulation. These materials are used in a wide range of industrial applications to facilitate the control of heat flow between working parts operating at different temperatures. Precision’s thermal insulation products provide effective thermal transfer management for direct contact configurations, as well as applications operating within a specified range of radiative influence.

Precision Converting provides a 48-hour turnaround time for custom prototypes, and maintains an extensive inventory of thermal management products that conform to standard specifications. If you would like to request a price quote or submit your custom specifications, or if you have any other questions about our products or services, please contact a Precision Converting customer service representative.

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