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Ultraviolet Radiation Environments

Without specialized preventative treatments, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can hasten the degradation and breakdown of fabricated industrial materials. Precision Converting specializes in providing premium-quality products with an advanced ability to withstand exposure to UV rays, resulting in superior performance, extended product life, and a more cost-effective solution for businesses operating in a broad range of industries.

Precision Converting is a division of Hisco Industrial Supply, which maintains more than 30 stocking locations to ensure superior customer service and efficient product delivery. These stocking locations support Precision’s manufacturing facilities in Corona, California and Houston, Texas, from which the company serves a nationwide network of end clients.

As a 3M Preferred Converter, you can expect Precision Converting to meet even the most demanding custom specifications. A full range of industrial applications is supported, including:

Precision Converting deploys a cutting-edge selection family of specialized manufacturing technologies, ensuring its technicians fill even the highest volume of orders in a timely and cost-effective manner. Precision’s range of custom fabricated, UV-safe materials are suitable for use in a long list of industries, including:

  • Aviation & aerospace
  • Military & defense
  • Renewable energy
  • Oil & gas
  • LED & lighting assembly
  • Healthcare & medicine

Clients operating in other industries are invited to submit project requirements to Precision Converting’s expert staff for an assessment and no-obligation price quote. If you have specific needs for industrial products that will exceed performance expectations in UV-rich environments, please contact Precision Converting to discuss your specifications and needs in detail. You can contact Precision Converting by telephone at 866.841.8384, or via email.

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