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Complex Precision Laminating

Precision Converting is a division of Hisco. Many years of combined experience has gained us an abundance of knowledge in complex precision laminating and converting services.

Lamination equipment applies adhesive films onto a wide variety of substrates. Our application engineers extend our capabilities to layer as many as four (4) substrates to meet your exact requirements. When applying combined multiple materials together, the laminating increases functionality. Our expertise is pressure and heat lamination methods.

Our capabilities include the following methods:

  • Using pressure sensitive adhesive as a bonding agent is a common process for foam lamination. The adhesive is pre-coated and applied onto a release liner or can be coated directly onto one of the surfaces.
  • Often used to melt the surfaces or thermoplastic adhesive that was previously coated, heat preparation would be the preferred method to bond the materials under the pressure of the lamination rollers.

In addition to multiple layering, we excel in adding or removing adhesives and bonding services.

Precision Converting is a 3M preferred vendor and ensure that only the highest quality materials are used for our manufactured applications. Some materials used in complex precision laminating include, but are not limited to: PE polyethylene, EVA, rubber materials, felts, nonwovens, open or closed cell, cross-link foam and PP polypropylene.

Our experience and knowledge extends us to serve a diverse line of industries from electrical to aerospace. Precision Converting is has an ISO 9001:2008 facility in Houston, TX and an Aerospace AS9100:2008 facility in Corona, CA.

Contact our highly qualified staff today to learn more about our complex precision laminating services. We are here to assist in rapid prototyping, material selection and design expertise.

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