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Explore new possibilities in aviation with Precision Converting, an authorized aerospace material converter. From thermal management to noise reduction, our experts will help you design the best solution for your challenge, with customized parts, exceptional service and engineered results from the industry’s most trusted vendors.

Case Study: Fabricated composite layup kits help manufacturing throughput soar

The Story: An industry-leading aerospace manufacturing firm approached Precision Converting with concerns surrounding throughput, operator efficiency and overhead. Our team of engineers worked alongside the company to fabricate a unique series of composite layup materials constructed of films, adhesive and breather fabric. The resulting kits delivered significant time and cost savings for the customer, and served to eliminate much of the customer’s existing bulk inventory.

What is the application?
Engineered composite layup kits
What issues was the end user having?
Customer wanted to reduce bulk inventory, increase throughput and improve operator efficiency
What material used to solve the issue?
We fabricated various materials into custom shapes including bagging film, release film, breather and Henkel adhesive film to create kits
Why was the material chosen for the application?
Material was spec’d in by the OEM
Did the material improve the process?
Yes, this allowed for manufacturing at high rates of throughput
Savings to end user in cost of material or process improvement? Time, $ or both?
Significant time savings for the end user
What industry/market was this material used in?

We began working with Precision Converting after a previous converter got us into a difficult situation. Precision Converting not only finished our project, taking care of our customer, but they also did it in record time. Since then, Precision Converting has been our trusted parter.

Bret B.
Managing Director

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Aerospace Applications

Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
Moisture barrier
Heat shield
Surface protection during refurbishing
Fire retardant sealant
Extreme surface protection
Carpet installation tape
Paint masking