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Case Study: Improve Heat Shrink Tubing Process

The Story: Manufacturer’s engineer reached out to Precision Converting to improve heat shrink tubing process. Objectives were to provide documented cost saving by reducing cycle time and improve protection around brazed joint on HVAC coil. After collaborating with 3M, we selected 130C for the application.

What is the application?
Corrosion protection for brazed joint between copper pipe and aluminum coil
What issues was the end user having?
Needed an efficient method for protecting brazed joint without the need for heat gun
What material used to solve the issue?
3M 130C Rubber Splicing Tape
Why was the material chosen for the application?
The self-fusing rubber allowed a void -free moisture seal around the joint
Did the material improve the process?
Yes, the 130C reduced cycle times in half without the need for heat guns required for heat shrink tubing
Savings to end user in cost of material or process improvement? Time, $ or both?
Significant time savings as well as eliminated heat gun expense
What industry/market was this material used in?

Precision Converting was able to provide a complete solution and improve our manufacturing process while reducing cost. I’m excited to work with your team in the future on cost and manufacturing process improvements!

Brandon T.
Mechanical HVAC Engineer

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