3M ISOLOSS Polyurethane Foam

Advance your noise, vibration, shock and thermal control with flexible polyurethane foam

From climate-controlled offices to harsh outdoor environments, you need high-performance versatility for your products that can withstand extreme temperatures, high-humidity and shock. Whether for gasketing, cushioning, and sealing to vibration management and acoustics control, ISOLOSS LS Polyurethane Foams provide an all-purpose solution across many industries.

ISOLOSS LS Foams from 3M are low compression set, high-density urethane foams with exceptional resiliency, strength, and energy control characteristics. For instance, automotive-grade die-cut polyurethane foam and laser-cutting polyurethane foams provide cushioning support between the cells of Li-ion battery packs in battery electric vehicles (BEV).

In addition, 3M's ISOLOSS LS Polyurethane Foam helps you grow your business quickly with shorter lead times and smaller Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ).

Features & Benefits

  • • Durable
  • • Low compression set
  • • Broad temperature range
  • • Excellent shock control and cushioning
  • • Flame and chemical resistance
  • • Consistent compression force deflection
  • • Bulk-roll format for efficient converting

Common Applications

  • • Vibration damping and/or shock absorbing pad in electronic devices
  • • Gasketing and gap-filling across many industries and market segments
  • • Protecting medical equipment
  • • High durability for gasketing, padding, and sealing applications

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