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Acoustic Solutions

Certain industries require custom fabricated materials with specialized acoustic solutions that deaden noise or redirect sound waves. Some projects demand materials that reduce the amount of incidental noise created by moving parts and machinery. Precision Converting is pleased to offer clients a comprehensive range of acoustic solutions for a broad range of industrial applications.

Precision Converting’s advanced acoustic solutions are widely used in industries including:

  • Aviation & aerospace
  • Appliance manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Housewares & home goods manufacturing
  • LED & lighting assemblies
  • Medical & healthcare
  • Sporting goods
  • Trucking & transportation

As a 3M Preferred Converter, Precision Converting deploys the custom fabrication industry’s most advanced technologies to create products that meet even the most exacting specifications. Precision Converting specializes in crafting high-performance, high-quality custom fabricated materials through close consultation with end clients.

A division of Hisco Industrial Supply, a multinational company maintaining more than 30 stocking locations throughout the United States, Precision Converting has production facilities in Houston, Texas and Corona, California. Thanks to our access to an advanced supply chain network, Precision is able to fill large orders promptly, helping clients meet their production schedules and control costs.

Precision Converting’s production process begins with an in-depth discussion with end clients, allowing our firm to work closely with your team members to establish optimized material and performance specifications. We then leverage cutting-edge production technologies to fill your order, ensuring it is delivered on time and on budget.

To learn more about Precision Converting’s unique production process, or to submit order specifications or receive a no-obligation price quote, please contact us by phone or email today!

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