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Industrial Tapes & Bonding Films

Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Pressure-sensitive adhesives that are cast directly to release liners in a free-film state, allowing for flexibility and conformity to irregular shaped surfaces; very high elongation characteristics for flexible substrates.

Double-Coated Tapes

Pressure-sensitive adhesives coated on both sides of a film or non-woven carrier, then laminated to other substrates, typically foams and fabrics.  Our specialty cut industrial double-coated tapes provide increased stability for easier processing and faster production times.

Double-Coated Foam Tapes

Available with various types of foam carriers and adhesives, these custom cut tapes can fill gaps on irregular surfaces, distribute stress away from bonded areas for increased strength, while sealing, cushioning and damping.

High Bond-Strength Acrylic Foam Tapes

These all-acrylic foam tapes can replace mechanical fasteners for permanent assembly in many applications, providing higher strength cushioning, better impact resistance, and a cleaner presentation free of fastener heads.

Thermal Bonding Films

These custom converting bonding films are head-activated films used to create high-strength bonds. These materials are particularly suitable in applications where one or both of the bonding substrates are metals. Thermal bonding films may be thermoplastic (e.g. polyester) or thermoset (e.g. epoxy).

Reclosable Fasteners

Versatile fastening bonding technology provides sheer and tensile bond strength, yet removes easily when peel or cleavage forces are applied. Offered in a variety of bond strengths and colors. Also available in adhesive-backed or sew-on configurations.

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