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Converted Specialty Components

Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) may be either electrically conductive or electrically insulating materials designed to facilitate the heat transfer from a heat source to a heat sink.  These thermal interface parts products are often used in electronic or electrical applications.  Fabricated tapes, films and pads eliminate the need for dispensing or curing liquid compounds.

Optical Films & Adhesives

Films used in display and lighting are often evaluated and used for their optical properties including clarity/opacity to various wavelengths.  Often optically clear pressure sensitive adhesives are employed to bond parts where aesthetics and clarity are important.

Induction & Heat Sealing Materials for Packaging

Heat sealing is used for many types of packaging.  Adhesive films and foil sealing materials are available in many constructions including a selection of aluminum substrate thicknesses, multiple seal layer thicknesses, seal backing and print options.

Release Liners

Both film and paper pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) release liners are available in a variety of release values and thicknesses.  Non-silicone liners are available if silicone contamination is a concern.


There are myriad combinations of adhesives, facestocks, topcoats and liners available to meet your labeling needs.  Whether your label needs to tolerate high temperatures, survive UV exposure or water immersion, we have the products and expertise to help you select the right material and construction for your labeling needs.

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