Alkegen eMobility Solutions

Alkegen offers fire protection products for EV and lithium-ion batteries that require lightweight, thin materials to prevent thermal runaway while increasing energy density, charging speeds and battery life.

Discover the ultimate thermal runaway protection materials with Alkegen

Introducing AlkeGel's range of superinsulation and incredibly lightweight aerogel materials from Alkegen. These aerogels, enhanced with fibers, offer improved handling and thermal conductivity performance. Now available through Precision Converting.

The Alkegen product portfolio is created using a technology process that significantly simplifies aerogel production. This process, coupled with Alkegens integration approach, led to various product options that are less dusty and more efficient than other aerogel products on the market.

In-Pack Solutions

Alkegen's in-pack solutions feature products that can withstand temperatures while preventing thermal runaway propagation. These solutions also provide electrical and thermal protection.

  • Thermal Runaway Propagation Prevention
  • High-Temperature Electrical Protection
  • Cell, Module and Pack Protections
  • Compression Pads / Cell Spacers
  • Ultra-Thin Coatings and Films
  • Battery Container Sealing Products
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Major EV OEMs have been serially producing TRP thermal barriers

people standing over car thermal cells

Major OEMs are now serially producing thermal runaway protection, compression materials, thermal insulation and G2 films

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US heavy truck OEM (class 3+) applications have
been in production

Electric Vehicle & Battery Technology

Innovations in aerogel technology have resulted in new applications in the shift to EVs. AlkeGel is a lightweight barrier at the forefront of conductivity advancements. It protects pouch and prismatic cells used in electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries.

Through advanced AlkeGel EV and battery technology, Alkegen offers a diverse thermal management solution with unmatched worldwide reach thanks to 60-plus manufacturing facilities. With a global workforce of the industry's most experienced talent, including insulation and filtration experts, Alkegen is uniquely positioned to help customers impact the environment in meaningful ways.

The latest EV technologies call for the ultimate thermal runaway protection. Contact Precision Converting today!