Tape Converter

Precision Converting is the tape converter that quickly turns your ideas to reality.

Precision Converting, a division of Hisco, is a 3M Preferred Converter that adds value to 3M's industry-leading tape adhesive technologies.

At Precision Converting, we leverage material and converting expertise to help you create labor and cost-saving, custom-shaped parts fabricated for your needs. As a tape converter, we ensure you get the adhesive solution you need to bring your products to the market faster.

VHB Tape

3M VHB tapes are high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes that help you maintain consistency from sketch to construction, eliminating distracting, visible fasteners like screws and bolts.

Quickly and easily create a long-lasting bond for various materials, including aluminum, steel, glass, plastics, and painted and powder-coated surfaces.

Thin Bonding Tape

Thin bonding with 3M's double coated & adhesive transfer tapes lets you design without bulky fasteners by using a virtually invisible industrial-strength bond. This allows you to attach materials with unmatched shear strength, conformability, and high initial adhesion.

Precision Converting can customize the tape to the precise shape you need for industrial applications in electronics, auto interiors, signage and graphics, sporting equipment, and more.

Transfer Tapes

With 3M adhesive transfer tapes, you can create products with great aesthetics and with bonds that last. In addition, 3M adhesive transfer tapes make your product designs more streamlined, allowing you to manufacture them quicker.

Precision Converting transforms 3M tapes into sizes and shapes that meet your specifications to help bring your product ideas to life.

Masking Tapes

Precision Converting offers a complete line of 3M masking tapes for indoor and outdoor applications.

3M masking tapes offer unmatched dependability and are exceptionally conformable to irregular surfaces. Moreover, these tapes provide superior adhesion, tension strength, and elongation and are easy to remove.

Durable Labels

3M Durable Labels comprise an adhesive coated on a backing, sandwiched between a facestock. And to aid print receptivity for different presses and inks, a topcoat may also be applied. Additionally, 3M durable labels offer bonds that last even in harsh environments and more.

Solve your marketplace challenges from design to production with converted 3M solutions from Precision Converting. Contact us today!