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Case Study: Diagnostics Testing for Infectious Disease

The Story: Unique opportunity to support a diagnostic testing product with a top medical OEM that was ramping quickly but the existing adhesive delivery system was cumbersome and slow. We worked together with a dispensing partner to figure out how to create rolls of material that could be run through dispensing at scale allowing for dramatically improved/increased throughput at the plant level.

What is the application?
Diagnostics testing for infectious disease
What issues was the end user having?
Needed testing closure system at scale
What material used to solve the issue?
3M double coated adhesive combined with PC end product design
Why was the material chosen for the application?
Familiar product and met the requirements
Did the material improve the process?
Yes, allowed for test manufacturing at high rates of throughput
Savings to end user in cost of material or process improvement? Time, $ or both?
Significant time savings at end user
What industry/market was this material used in?

We needed a solution for assembling a new test kit at scale in a very short period of time and our existing solution was just too slow. The team at Precision Converting designed a part that allowed us to utilize a novel dispensing approach to move parts through our process in significantly less time which allowed us to scale in record time and it saved us a lot of time and money. We have now fully optimized the process and are scaling up our new test.

Becka D.
Lead Engineer


Medical Applications

Wound care
Patient monitoring
Lateral flow diagnostics
Internal medical device components
Surface protection for medical equipment
Transdermal drug delivery
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