Thermal Management

Precision Converting is a material solution provider for manufacturers of eMobility products. Our custom solutions are engineered to stop thermal runaway concerns in their tracks.

Find customized solutions for any thermal runaway protection need in one place.

Thermal runaway propagation is a critical phenomenon to consider when designing a safe battery pack. It refers to the event of a single cell entering a thermal runaway that releases a large quantity of heat which heats ups neighboring cells to the point of thermal runaway. This phenomenon starts a chain reaction that eventually destroys all cells in a battery pack.

Precision Converting offers customized solutions from brands such as 3M, Saint Gobain, Tesa and Rogers that can help address thermal isolation concerns in battery cells, packs and modules by acting as thermal barriers. In addition, our thermal runaway solutions can adapt to different cell types and customer designs.

Brands Offering Customized Solutions

3M offers powerful thermal runaway and fire propagation protection materials, available in broad selections that meet exacting OEM and Tier specifications for performance and production efficiency. Precision Converting is a 3M Preferred Converter.

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