Converting solutions for wearable medical device materials

When developing stick-to-skin patient monitoring devices, medical device manufacturers and engineers require long-term-wear adhesive solutions that provide strong and reliable bonds in challenging applications and increase patient comfort when adhering to the skin. Therefore, they consider the human skin interface while developing a wearable medical device.

Wear time, adhesion strength, and skin condition are essential when selecting materials and components for body-worn medical devices. The selection of the right adhesive materials during the concept stage reduces the risk of re-engineering delays late in the development process.

3M's family of extended wear adhesives for wearable medical device applications gives design engineers more skin-friendly options. 3M™ medical materials and technologies help healthcare manufacturers design and build more reliable, innovative, and feature-rich medical devices.

Medical Device Adhesives We Convert


3M Silicone Adhesive Tapes

Skin-friendly, conformable, and comfortable. 3M designs these tapes for consistent adhesion to skin during wear.

Single-Coated Extended Wear Medical Tape

Comes in a variety of adhesive, backing and tape construction options for different manufacturing processes and patient populations.

Transfer Adhesive Extended Wear Tape

Offers a thick, relatively soft tackified acrylic adhesive provided on a thin, clear polyester liner with differential silicone release chemistry on both sides.

The Answer for Gentle Skin

When adhering to skin, the goal is to hold the device in place until it is time to remove it without damaging the skin, either during wear or at the time of removal. Silicone adhesives exhibit a low negative impact on the skin surface. They do not stick well to hair follicles, so silicone adhesives rarely pull out hair when removed–one of the “pain points” for tape removal.

Why choose Precision Converting as your 3M Preferred Converter?

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of customizable products for your medical device manufacturing, with unsurpassed quality and timely delivery that will help accelerate time to market.

From highly active patients to those with fragile skin, we can help you select components that function well together and maintain skin integrity. In addition, we offer various adhesive, backing, and tape construction options for different manufacturing processes and patient populations.

At Precision Converting, we understand the increasingly fast-paced medical device marketplace and exceed industry expectations. Our certified expertise is backed by a history of 3M quality and innovation, and with this shared industry knowledge and experience, we'll bring your next big idea to life.

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